I started with pain in my right knee that manifested itself from one day to the next without any explanation. I went to the doctor after a few weeks of pain and they told me that I had osteoarthritis in my knee, (wear in the cartilage that protects the bone). That was the cause of my pain. It was something that commonly happens to older people, not to mention that I am only 20 years old. The pain lasted for about three months and nothing helped, until I remembered Annelies’s teachings. I had to be aware of my thoughts and words when I an emotion. In this case, the emotion was physical pain. I asked Annelies to help me through a session. I’ll mention again that I had been in pain and treatment for months and felt no improvement. After my session with Annelies, I was able to remember well my emotions and my words the moment I noticed the pain. I tapped on all those thoughts and in a matter of just under a week, it was as if I had never had osteoarthritis.
Camila B.
A friend told me about Annelies. When I started with her, I had no idea what tapping was or how profound its effect could be in my life. Today I use tapping practically daily, from healing any illness I have to dealing with my subtle emotions.
Juan Ortoll
Personally, Annelies came into my life at a key moment. She was able to help me work on myself, both physically and emotionally. She taught me that I was able to do it on my own. However, it is a technique that you have to believe in, and part of it is being aware and patient during each process and each difficulty that we wish to improve. Personally, it has helped me to connect more deeply with myself and see healing in a totally different and enriching way.
Valeria Ruiz
Tapping is a very interesting therapy. It is respectful of each person's beliefs and to the degree of intensity that one chooses to work. Its basis is that our reality is in our mind, and we build it with our beliefs. Annelies helps us with those beliefs that we have built in our subconscious throughout our lives. My health has improved enormously since I practiced what Annelies taught me. For example, I constantly suffered from mouth sores. Every time I had a wound in my mouth, no matter how minimal, it would become infected the next day. This has not returned or happened to me since I started tapping. My state of mind has also improved remarkably.
Alonso Gil



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