About me

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I have studied EFT, Reiki, Matrix Reimprinting, A Course In Miracles, and The Way of Mastery. Just like some people are chefs, and make up their own recipes, I’m an experienced healer and I use my own recipe.

My purpose is to teach and awaken others to the key role that thoughts and beliefs have in determining our mental, emotional and physical health. I have done this through the use of energy techniques and breathing exercises. We discover those detrimental beliefs, and have the ability to correct them. Acceptance and gratitude allow us to transcend those beliefs and truly heal the mind-body. There is no greater benefit in our lives than giving ourselves the gift of peace. This simple process of work not only brings you peace through correcting the mind, but also empowers you. The only requirement is your willingness and responsibility to embark on this journey!

How it works

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  • When you are young, you perceive your environment, and your perceptions create your beliefs.
  • This shapes how you see yourself and the world around you and how you interact with your environment.
  • What if you grew up in a household where your parent favored your sibling, and you created the belief, “Life is so unfair.” As you grow up, life mirrors back unfair experiences to you.
  • There comes a time when you must decide that you are ready to change. That you are tired of the way your life has been playing out.
  • Through the use of various exercises, you can reset those unwanted beliefs that are still playing.
  • You now realize that who or what you previously perceived was at fault for your problem, was just acting as a mirror to your belief that was playing in your head.
  • Now you become self-aware, that by changing those beliefs, aspects in your life change also.
  • True power is knowing that you created your beliefs, and that you are free to change them.